Some running form tips

Allie Kieffer is featured in this informative video on running formI’ve talked about the Chi Running form before, which I use as the basis of my technique. But that being said, I don’t just rely on one technique or one style to draw my own style from.

I often watch some of the pros I admire and try to find what I like and what might work into my style. I also look for commonalities between styles.

Why should you do this? The founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba, said to learn a technique one must practice it with 10,000 people. What did he mean by this? That each person or teacher has a unique way of performing and teaching, and you will get something different out of each experience.

I try to keep this in mind in other aspects of life as well, so running is no exception. Pros like Danny Dreyer, Scott Jurek, Caballos Blanco, Kara Goucher and others inspire me both on the inside, and in how I approach my form.

(Video after the break)

I came across this video recently, and I think there are some great tips for the mid-foot runner. Featuring Allie Keiffer, a very accomplished runner, the video features some exercises I wasn’t familiar with that can help lead to better mid-foot form. The narrator, Sage Canaday, is pretty accomplished himself.

So, here’s the video:


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